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The big “HOW TO PAVERPOL” hardcover book.
Ninety-two pages, over a hundred photo’s, thrity ceations very well described. Instructions on how to use Paverpol, Wrappers, Paverplast, Art Stone, how to built a wire frame, how to to dry-brush paint and so on and so on. The most complete reference book in the textile hardener market.
Book Elegant Figurines

Did you work with Paverpol before? New creative challenges in this book for you. Various products are used to create beautiful objects. Once you’ve got it, you can’t wait to start.

62 Artists and artistic hobbyists from all over the world display their inspirational creations in 227 images over 128 pages all in English. This is a must for everybody working with polymer shaping or wishes to do so.

*Other books available including Elegant Figurines (English & French), Paverpol World Art and Paversand Art.