Paverpol Canada was established in 2007 when it was first imported into Canada from the Netherlands.  Today, the brand “Paverpol” is the leading fabric hardening in Canada and worldwide.   When you hear artists saying that they are “paverpoling”, you know that they`re sculpting with fabric or designing within a multi-media forum with the world`s leading non-toxic, water soluable and ACMI approved textile hardener. Today, we have over 150 Certified Paverpol Instructors (CPI) in Canada who have undergone intensive training. We continue to educate and train our CPI`s with Regional CPI Upgrading Workshops, Master Classes and accesibiity to online worships (via Curious Mondo).

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What is Paverpol?

It`s a polymer based non-toxic art medium primarily used as a textile hardener; however within the multi-media arena, this product is now used within various art forms as part of an integrated technique component.  The Paverpol medium is water based and has received the AP seal for non-toxicity from the ACMI (Arts and Creative Materials Institute).  You can simply clean your hands and tools with warm water and soap…so you know it’s safe to handle. 

Paverpol can make materials such as fabrics/textiles, paper, leather, moss, tree branches, and other natural materials, “rock-hard” and weather resistant. It can even create “stone” figures by combining Paverpol with Art Stone, or create the “granite” effect by using Paverpol, Paverscrub and Art Stone, or simply create a beautiful “porcelain” effect with Paverpol Transparent and paper.  The easiest and most in-demand effect is the metal or brass look.  Using Pavercolour, Paverpaint and/or acrylic paints, we can create the “metallic” effect within minutes.  The possibilities are endless with this extremely versitile and forgiving art medium.

Recycle, Reuse, Re-purpose!!

In addition to the environmental qualities of Paverpol; the use of this art medium from a environmentally responsible perspective is unlimited.  We continuously recycle, resuse and re-purpose “secondary  treasures”  within our creations and during our workshops.  There`s a famous slogan for paverpoling, “FROM T-SHIRT TO GARDEN ART”.  The root of paverpoling is taking an old cotton tshirt and making a weatherproof garden statue within a day.  With this simple one coat medium you can turn your old cotton t-shirt or silk scarf into an amazing indoor or outdoor piece of art.  Use it on (baby) clothes, dry- and silk flowers, clay, Styrofoam, paper Mache, bark fibers, yarn, glass, metal, and any item that you want to recycle, reuse or repurpose, the list is endless. 

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