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The textile and decoration hardener par excellence! Dip natural materials, such as textiles, in Paverpol. Drape or wrap the material around a wire figure or other armature and leave it to dry. Paverpol dries fast, but slowly enough to allow plenty of working time. After it has hardened, you have created a beautiful decoration or sculpture, which can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

Paverpol dries completely transparent. Colored textiles, possibly with a pattern, retain their original brightness. By adding colored powder (Pavercolor) to Paverpol, Paverpol can be colored without slowing down the drying time. It is also possible to combine Paverpol with paper, silk, chamois leather, self-hardening clay, polystyrene foam, dried flowers, wood, plaster, pottery, etc.
Paverpol adheres to almost all materials, except plastic. The finished projects are rock-hard.

Paverpol Transparent; A sculpture made with Paverpol Transparent and that you want to place outside needs to be either completely painted with weather-resistant paint or varnished with Josefine’s Varnish. Do this after two weeks of curing (or longer in high-humid areas).

Paverpol Bronze; Gives objects a metallic Bronze look. When the fiber on which Paverpol Bronze is used is very absorbing,  it could dry up brown. Apply another coat of Paverpol Bronze with a brush and it will dry up being shiny and Bronze.

Sculptures made with pre-colored Paverpol like Bronze, Black or Grey can be placed outside after two weeks of curing. Varnishing is advised. It is important that you have wrapped the sculptures in a way that it is not possible that water can get in between the fabric and the frame.

Protect Paverpol in its liquid form from frost, once it is hardened however Paverpol can withstand extreme frost. Tools and hands can simply be washed in warm water.

Paverpol is a polymer, it means that natural materials that have been hardened with it might go soft when exposed to very warm surroundings, for that reason  make sure every piece of material that is sculpted ‘against gravity’ gets a strong internal support/frame using either wire, wood, etc.,  to prevent it from sagging or collapsing in warm surroundings.

When using Paverpol in very humid weather or when it stands in a very humid area the sculpture could get white areas or spots. Bring it into a normal temperature-area and leave it to dry for a few weeks; it will disappear.

Available in transparent, White, Black, Bronze and Grey, peach, 500 gram, 1000 gram and 5750 gram containers.