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Art Stone can be used in many ways. You can make self-hardening clay of it, or you can use the powder to make sculptures or make statues that look like stone.



To make sculpture look like stone use Paverpol Grey or Paverpol transparent mixed with Pavercolor Siena as a basis. It is of course also possible to mix with other Pavercolors. You can use a pre-form figure of styrofoam, plaster, paper mache or kitchen foil (cover the foil with painter’s tape). This stone effect is not suitable for outdoor objects.
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Paverpol Grey brushed on Styrofoam, Art stone sprinkled in wet Paverpol and pressed in, rubbed off in certain spots. Repeat process until satisfied.

Use Art Stone and Paverpol to make “crackled clay”.

Mix Paverpol and Art Stone and make clay. In this picture Pavercolors were rubbed in the clay and stretched before applying to torsos.



Instructions on how to create the Stone look and the crackled clay is described in the book “How to Paverpol”.

Paverpol Bronze brushed on foil, art stone sprinkled on wet Paverpol, pressed. Later Pavercolors rubbed on.


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