Instructor Certification Training


Do you want to become a member of an elite Global Paverpol Community, or do you wish to enhance your technical Paverpol skills to become a stronger technical Paverpol sculptor?  Or maybe both?  If you answered YES to either one of the questions (or yes to both of the questions), then you may wish to become a Certified Paverpol Instructor (CPI). 

Every CPI undergoes intense training with one of our Certified Paverpol Master Trainers (CPMT), and to “graduate”, each CPI candidate will be required to meet certain requirements to finalize their certification based on quality standards and proper use of materials. 

As a CPI, you will have access to other CPI`s in the country and networking opportunities to augment your technical skills AND feed your creative juices. Our Canadian creative community is extremely generous with sharing of information and techniques.  All you have to do is to reach out to one of us and ask!

Even if you don`t wish to “teach”, we have had many artists enrolling in the CPI program to increase their technical skills and product knowledge.  Why do they do this?  Because they want to see where the products and techniques can take them to!!  They also want to challenge themselves to continually push the boundaries of their creativity because they see that the opportunities are endless. 

The Pre-requisite for the CPI Certification Training requires that you have taken a minimum of three (3) full-day Paverpol workshops and have at least a few sculptures made. 

For more information regarding Certification Training, click on one of the Regions/Provinces below to contact the Regional Directors & CPMT`s.

Regional Directors and Certified Paverpol Master Trainers (CPMT):

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Manitoba and Saskatchewan
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Join many Certified Paverpol Instructors (CPI) around the world who have made “Paverpol” as their Creative Arts Business.   Most have scaled their business as big or small as they want by offering creative workshops at their home studios or through the use of meeting spaces in galleries, libraries, churches or community shared spaces.   Many CPI`s are now offering online workshops to teach their workshops.  You may have seen many of our Canadian CPI`s on the web-based creative platform called Curious Mondo; many of our CPI`s have been teaching and selling their workshops online through this vehicle!!  In addition, many of our artists have had their own exhibitions and shows at various galleries and venues. Usually at these venues, our artists have been able to sell their art work or obtain commission projects.

Lastly, as a CPI, you will be recognized as an Authorized Retailer to sell the Paverpol product to consumers. Only CPI`s or authorized store-front retailers can be Authorized Retailers of the Paverpol brand of products.