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You can use Pavercolors to tint Paverpol or make paint.
Color the Transparent Paverpol:
One container of Pavercolor is used to color 1000 grams Paverpol Transparent. Mix the Pavercolor with some water before you add it to Paverpol. This prevents it from becoming lumpy. Note; bright Pavercolors might fade when the object is placed in the full sun outside. Not suitable for outside are red, violet, violet red, light blue and yellow.

Make paint: Mix Pavercolors with Josefine gloss varnish.

Make “water paint”: Simply dissolve Pavercolor in water. However, this paint can only be used for indoor pieces of work.
Note. The Pavercolor Gold, Bronze, Copper, Antique Gold, Silver and Mother of Pearl will lose their luster when mixed with Paverpol. The luster can be retained by brushing the dried piece of work with the Pavercolor metal color, mixed with Josefine gloss varnish.

Comes in containers of 40 and 300 ml.

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List of colours available:

Antique Gold, Black, blue, Bronze, Brown, Champagne, Copper, Dark Green, Gold, Green, Jeansblue, Lightblue, Lightbrown, Light Yellow Ochre, Mother of Pearl, Red, Rust, Seablue, Siena, Silver, Terracotta, Violet Red, Violet, White, Yellow Ochre, Yellow